"I often think about how I would be childless now if I had not trusted my instinct to become more aware of my unresolved childhood issues with Carista. There, within the foundation of my psyche, were the answers to my infertility. Doctors had told me I could never have a baby, yet my own limiting belief systems and neglected memories seemed to be the cause of my reproductive blocks. In less than three months, I was pregnant."
— Penny Clark, Professor

"When I began working with Carista by telephone, I often forgot that she was over 3,000 miles away in her office. I instantly felt safe with her, and she seemed to understand my fears about revealing myself to a total stranger. Yet, within the first hour, supported by her sensitive style of communicating, I realized I had to make some significant changes in my lifestyle if any baby was going to grow in my womb. I wished I had worked with Carista before I spent the tens of thousands of dollars in assisted reproductive technologies. I attribute my healthy children to her wise and compassionate preconception and prenatal education."
— Gladice Roe, Radio Producer

"It was not until I worked with Carista that I discovered that preparing for my baby, before it was even conceived, was the greatest gift of love I could give him. My child began his life with me in my best health, offering him the greatest opportunities to develop his true health potential, before he was born!"
— Jana McKinney, Architect

"I struggled with infertility for over 5 years. Dr. Luminare has a wonderful understanding of both the spiritual and technical aspects of fertility, and her program helped me peel away years of grief, frustration and anger. Best of all, she helped me realize my heart's desire."
— Marie Law, Corporate Owner

"Little did I know that unresolved miscarriages and abortions could have so much influence on my ability to conceive and sustain a pregnancy. I never thought I could explore such deep pain on the telephone with someone I never met in person, but working with Carista taught me the power of expressing the truth. I always felt that she was so tuned in to my concerns, and her support and guidance was continually healing and transformational. By the time my twins were born, I was free of the burdens of my unresolved past, and felt well prepared to be a parent."
— Rhonda Leonardo, Mother

"Carista's powerful insight into the vital connection between body and mind in preparing for conception was an invaluable asset in our successful quest for a child. I especially recommend this approach for anyone struggling with infertility. It allowed me to harness the power of my mind to optimize grueling infertility treatments. Carista's approach and guidance was a pure gift through the most difficult challenge of my life."
— Carol A., HMO Manager and grateful mother

"We are so grateful that we learned to honestly express our fears about birth and becoming parents before our daughter was born. We were able to determine what support we wanted as new parents, and even created it! Treat yourself to a session with Carista."
— Uma and Peter Moore, Proud Parents of a 4-year old

More testimonials are available upon request, please contact Carista via email.

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